We are a free community of guys and gals that decided to look overseas for love. We are a collaboration of experience, advice and resources. Because this a free community, there is no bias towards any companies and we can be totally transparent. Ukraine Fusion belongs to everybody. By the community working together, we can help to make more successful couples. Whether you are experienced or a new to dating in Ukraine, your contribution to the cause is invaluable.


The Ukriane Fusion online community forum is a way to ask questions and get advice from those that have "been there and done that". Everybody has lessons that they have learnt on their mission in Ukraine whether good bad. These shared lessons can be the difference between being somebody failing and find "The One". This community forum will prepare you before you leave, support you when you are there, pick you up if you are down and celebrate with you when you are successful.


Trying to find services that are legit in Ukraine can be a mine field. As the Ukraine Fusion community grows we will be able to present legit options in all aspects of your journey. These will be contributed to and verified by the community ranging from Accommodation, Transport, Translators and Assistants and of course, The Dating Agencies. No payment, commisions or advertising will ever be accepted by Ukraine Fusion from any company, keeping Ukraine Fusion scam free and un-bias.


Scammers will waste your money and your time. If you get stuck with one you will be unsuccessful no doubt about it. Scammers are a major problem for guys going over to Ukraine in search a Love. Anybody who has been there will tell you the scammers are everywhere ready to take advantage of us when we least expect it. From the classic restaurant and taxi scams to the agencies and Pro-dating ladies. It is essential to your success to be educated before you go and know where and how these scams work. Ukraine Fusion will play a huge part in your success by exposing the scams and the scammers tricks and helping you to avoid them.


One crucial aspect of all this and something that is very often forgotten is support for the beautiful Ladies from Ukraine. Ukraine fusion is dedicated to ensuring that the Ladies have support during their relationship. Whether it is long distance, or after they have moved. Fusion is a way to connect the Ladies to other Ladies and a place where they can meet, arrange a catch up, share ideas and give each other support. Because as they say "Happy wife, Happy Life". We are here to protect the ladies where ever we can and that includes from bad guys and agencies that dont have their best interests at heart. Believe it or not, the ladies get scammed too.


Things can go wrong on your visit to Ukraine. Accommodation can fall through. The tour is over and the agency you went with did not work for you. Or you have just realised the lady you have been communicating with is fake or a scammer. What do you now? We will be listing contact details for guys that are experienced that once set out on the journey just like you. These guys will be able to point you in the right direction no matter what city you are in. With contacts and advice that will get you back on your path to finding your True Love. This is a free service by volunteers that are passionate about creating successful relationships.